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“Math Is the One Subject That We Continue Working on the Summer”

In this post, Nashville mom of two awesome girls, Latonya, explains her experience using the Smartick Method to keep math skills fresh during the summer!

About Latonya’s blog: Joy in the Ordinary isn’t only a homeschooling blog, but it is a place where you can get practical tips for making the most out the life that you have been gifted whether you are solely homeschooling, not homeschooling, working from home, or outside the home.


As summer is approaching, it is important that parents make sure that their children retain everything they have learned the year before. The best way to do so is by practicing math more.

Latonya acknowledges the importance of continuing to teach her children during the summer. Especially in math.

Here is why:

“Math is the one “school” subject that we continue working on the summer that many people tend to take a break from.  My daughters continue to work on math because”:

  1. Although they both will say math is their favorite subject, some topics do not come naturally to them. The continued practice helps them to get better and retain the skills that have been learning throughout the years.  We don’t usually use our regular math curriculum for math, but instead my girls use online math programs. Smartick is the program that we are using this summer, and it is by far their favorite.  We have tried several programs throughout our homeschool journey; both of my daughters have told me that they enjoy Smartick the most.  They like the animation, clarity, and interface.  It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use.  I’ll write a review about it soon.
  2. It’s easier for us to keep going than stop. Since math isn’t always used in the everyday lives of children, I feel like it is best for me to be intentional about incorporating into their lives everyday.  We aren’t always shopping, measuring, or using other math related skills so continuing to intentional study math helps my daughters in the long run.  They are less likely to forget how to (fill in the blank) , and this makes beginning our next school year a tad bit easier versus me reteaching and wondering what happened to all the things they “learned” the previous school year. “

Thank you for sharing your experience with Smartick on your blog, Latonya!

There is significant evidence that proves that children retain more knowledge from the previous school year by practicing over the summer. Smartick is here to help your children do so! Give the free 15-day trial a try with your children for the quickly approaching Summer 2017.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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