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supplemental math

Sometimes life can get really hectic, especially with 3 kids at home! Elizabeth from Raising Rileys found in Smartick the perfect supplemental math program for her two eldest kids, and she was able to make things simpler when planning her homeschool year.

“… a move, a fixer-upper, a new precious babe, a flood in the basement, the list goes on.  Meanwhile, homeschool marches onward!  With the birth of our new baby at the beginning of the school year, I have been looking for ways to do things better and to make things simpler; there’s still one of me, but now there’s three of them! That’s initially why Smartick stood out!” She writes on her blog.

She also explains how she and her husband are super careful about screen time. However, she notes that Smartick proved to offer high-quality computer time while helping her kids develop computer skills, which are essential these days:

“Truth-be-told, we’ve not really done anything with having our children use computers in any of their homeschooling to this point. We are super careful about screen time, but I saw this as a great way to help Matthew develop some good computer skills (an essential in today’s world), all-the-while building great math skills. I also saw it as a great opportunity for him to be more independent on one of his courses rather than having me work directly with him during the entire time.”

supplemental math

“If you were to ask Matthew his favorite school subject, it is math, and that speaks volumes to me”.

We’re so pleased Elizabeth’s family is enjoying Smartick. Matthew asks to do his 15-minute session every day, and she’s happy to report math has become his favorite subject!

We’d like to invite you to try Smartick for free and see how your kids like the supplemental Math!

Math may become their favorite subject too! Click here to learn more.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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