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Parents, Are You Concerned with Screen Time?

screen time

It’s possible that the gap between technology and education is gradually thinning as educators around the world embrace its use in the classroom. Of course, there is discourse for the pros and cons of technology usage not only in the classroom but in our private lives as well. How is technology implemented in the classroom? How do we utilize it at home without going overboard? These questions highlight the prevailing concept of ¨screen time.¨

To Limit Screen Time or Not?

We understand that many educators and parents are concerned with their student’s and children’s technology usage. Others may not find it a pressing issue. However, with that said, there isn’t one solution for every classroom or household. The idea of screen time is complex and can differ from case to case. However, at Smartick, we want to facilitate families who choose to provide clear outlines for screen usage. Emily Farmer from New York is a homeschooling and Smartick mom who values Smartick for a number of reasons but utilizes it to help define her children’s screen time. In fact, apart from another educational library app, Smartick is her children’s only time online.

A Smartick Homeschool Family

Why did you choose Smartick as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?

I discovered Smartick from a homeschooling blogger I trust who used it for all 6 or 7 of her children. I especially appreciated the fact she got an email report so she didn’t have to check who had completed it or analyze how they did. Similarly, I feel the same with just my 3. I supervise but don’t help my 4-year-old.

What do your children enjoy most about Smartick?

Except for an online library app, Smartick is my kids’ only screen time. They enjoy learning how to use the iPad and playing games plus having ownership of their work. My children really love changing their avatar and collecting ticks. They also like the extra seasonal decorations.

As a parent, what do you like and value most about Smartick?

I like seeing how they do with different problems and skills they know presented in a new way. We use the Horizons textbooks and they frequently practice the same skills in their schoolwork and during Smartick sessions. The clock/time problems and place value exercises have been particularly helpful.

As a homeschooling family, how do you utilize Smartick in your children’s education?

Smartick is supplemental for us. I aim for them to complete their sessions at least 6 days per week.

How do you motivate your children to complete their daily sessions? Do you have a particular routine?

Smartick is part of their daily work. They usually do it in the late morning/early afternoon. One Smartick session earns them 20 minutes of using apps or a show to watch.

Have you seen any changes in your children’s math skills/grades or attitude towards the subject?

Smartick is sometimes challenging for my guys but almost always fun. Above all, the sessions help them understand their work and provide clarity to challenging concepts.

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