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Kumon Cost

Interested in how much Kumon cost? We will tell you here!

The average cost of Kumon is around $90-$180/month per subject. The registration fee is $50 and initial fee for materials is $15.

How Much Does Kumon Cost?

Depending on the country, the cost for Kumon can vary. As we have already mentioned, this traditional method has a price range between $90 and $180/month per subject. There are undoubtedly other methods, such as Smartick, that offer solutions with a more complete educational plan, and at more affordable prices for families. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What is Smartick and How Much Does it Cost?

Smartick is an online method that has a platform focused on the development and continued learning of mathematics for children between 4 and 14 years old. 

 To use Smartick you only need a PC or tablet with an Internet connection. And no help from parents is needed because Smartick is designed for children to work independently.

 With Smartick, your children will enhance their mathematical knowledge by working on important areas such as logic, programming, calculating, and problem solving.

 As for price, Smartick has one of the best rates to suit the needs of parents and growing families. The price ranges from $30 to $45 a month, with free registration and discounts depending on the number of children and type of subscription.

 These, and many other advantages, make Smartick an ideal solution for your children to learn mathematics in a very dynamic and fun way. 

Kumon or Smartick?

Next, we are going to compare Smartick with another traditional alternative method, Kumon.


While the Kumon method does not have free registration, discounts for multiple children, or type of subscription, Smartick offers these three benefits.

Educative Program

Smartick has an extensive study plan that includes: calculation, arithmetic, logic and reasoning, brain training with scientifically designed games, and unlimited types of exercises. Kumon, conversely, only has calculation and arithmetic.


This is the only feature that sets Kumon apart from Smartick since it covers a wider age range from 2 to 18 years old.

Effectiveness of the Method

Here, Smartick has the upper hand, due to its real time adaptability, automatic correction, and immediate feedback. Kumon does not have any of these features.

Help for Parents

As well as having up-to-date information for parents, like the Kumon method, Smartick also offers consultations with the Pedagogical Support Team, which enriches the educational value even more.

Student Assistance

Finally, the Smartick program includes continuous, personalized support from our Pedagogical Support Team whenever a student may need it.

Enjoy all the advantages that Smartick offers for your children to learn math!

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Guaranteed Results

With Smartick children in more than 100 countries strive to improve their professional future


Of the children have improved their math scores in school


Of the children have improved their calculation, logic and problem-solving skills