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Not All Screen Time Is Created Equal

Screen Time

Screen time is becoming embedded into our routines these days, just like showering and brushing our teeth. The consequences of screen time, both positive and negative, are working their way into children’s education. Not all screen time is created equal: playing 15 minutes of Fortnite is not the same as working on Smartick. Smartick provides a haven for parents navigating the digital landscape. With the short math sessions, both parents and students benefit from the online method. We don’t need to avoid screen time altogether, but instead strike a tech balance. Smartick parent, Alex Wood explains the Wood family’s Smartick experience in this new digital terrain.

Balance in a Tech-Driven World

How did you hear about Smartick?

Podcast on learning with Barbara Oakley.

Why did you decide that Smartick would be beneficial for Dorothy and Hanford, as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?

It’s a lot easier to manage than traditional tutoring, so we decided to try it out. Based on the trial we decided that it was rigorous enough, that it wasn’t gimmicky and that it would add difficulty in an appropriate way, and that the kids liked it.

What do your children like most about Smartick?

Mostly scoring points! It gives them a real feeling of achievement. Another thing I’d like to call out specifically is the diplomas – the kids really get a sense of accomplishment from getting them.

As a parent, what do you like most about Smartick?

Ease of use – like I said, it’s a lot easier than driving somewhere, and I suspect my kids would hate conventional tutoring – and the update emails. How well organized the system is.


What are some ways you help motivate your children to work on Smartick? Do you have a particular routine to work on Smartick?

They are pretty self-motivated to do it. We have to tell them it’s time, but there’s never any fighting about it. We try to get them to do it before we get home from work.

Is limiting screen time an aspect in your family? If so, why let your children work on Smartick?

Yes, absolutely. Kids get very limited screen time, and apart from around two hours (total) of TV time per week, it all has to be constructive – Smartick, Minecraft, or a challenging driving game. And that itself is limited. Still probably under six hours a week. We include Smartick because we want them to think that math is fun and doable, and that persistence is rewarded.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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