Smartick Goes Beyond the Classroom.

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We help children become more confident in mathematics through daily practice.
Ages 4 to 14
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Introducing the Smartick Method

Smartick Step by Step

First 2-3 Sessions

During the first few sessions, children undergo a level assessment to determine their starting point.

3rd Session Onwards

Thanks to Smartick’s Artificial Intelligence-based program, a personalized study plan is created to cater to the needs of each student.


A new 15-min session is generated each day, encouraging kids to maintain a constant and exciting learning routine.

Skills for Life

Through daily practice, children are able to build positive study habits that will last a lifetime.

Our Study Plan



One Problem, Multiple Solutions

Problem solving involves being able to analyze, deduce and defend our assertions, in order to find a fully comprehensible solution.

We combine multiple methodologies to encourage children to think and ponder before providing an answer to a problem.



Training Children in the Language of the Future

Programming is an increasingly essential skill. With Smartick, children learn the basics through an engaging and user-friendly interface. It's hands down the most popular session among our students.



Understanding the World around Us through Reasoning

Critical thinking is necessary in order to make important decisions in our daily life.

Among other things, children will learn to connect different ideas within the mathematical world and the world around them in our daily lessons.

Endorsed by Leading Experts

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“I'm particularly excited about Smartick because it reflects everything we have been researching about education in mathematics.”

Lori Breslow, PhD

Professor at MIT

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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“Smartick allows each student to progress at the speed that they should be progressing at.”

Barbara Oakley, PhD

Professor at Oakland University

NY-Times bestseller and creator of the most popular online course: Learning How to Learn.

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“Smartick is changing the world of math with a new and fun approach to math education powered by Artificial Intelligence and personalized learning.”

Jöel Le Bon, PhD

Professor at Johns Hopkins University


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