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Meet the Founders
Daniel de Vega
Daniel is a graduate of Stanford University's Executive Program. Holds a MsC in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD (France).

Former strategic consultant at Accenture, and Director of Venture Capital investments in Spain and Dubai.

Elected Economic Leader of Tomorrow by the Choiseul Institute.

Daniel is also an Endeavor Entrepreneur.
Javier Arroyo
Javier is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Executive Program. Holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from Solvay Business School (Belgium).

Former strategic consultant at Accenture and Managing Partner of Fast Track (sold to WPP).

Awarded Eisenhower Fellow by the U.S. Congress to recognize his work in education worldwide.

Javier is also an Endeavor Entrepreneur.
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Smartick Founding Story
Smartick was created in response to the growing number of children with poor performance in maths. Knowing that many future professions are based on the very subject, the generally consistent low results in mathematics around the world were proving disconcerting. It was becoming clear that children with weak foundations in maths would have limited options.

Javier and Daniel are entrepreneurs with a passion for building a stronger and more positive future for children through education, specifically maths. They co-founded Smartick, to redefine the current one-size-fits-all education paradigm.

Smartick wants to enhance the learning experience through personalisation by upgrading from traditional paper methods and using the full potential of technology. Gone with the cookie-cutter method for learning maths. Each child, regardless of their age or grade, is able to learn and advance according to their needs and pace. Whether they want to fill in learning gaps or excel beyond the classroom, every child can benefit from their daily session.
Meet the Teams
Didactic Team
Pedagogical Support Team
Marketing Team
Development & Data Science Team
Featured on Apple's App Store as the Best Educational App for iPad.
"Smartick tackles a major socio-economic issue affecting western countries, most notably the U.S. where the poor level of maths education results in students lagging far behind their peers from several Asian countries."
"I am particularly excited about Smartick because it reflects everything that we have been researching about education in mathematics."

Lori Breslow Ph.D. and professor at MIT.
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