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Smartick families not only come from all over the world, but their education philosophies also vastly differ. Whether your children are in public or private school, charters or magnets, homeschool or unschool, students benefit from their daily 15-minute sessions. We’d like to present the Hunters who practice a mixture of homeschooling and traditional schooling in Los Angeles, California!

(Partial) Homeschooling Family

Why did you decide that Smartick would be beneficial for Lily, as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?

Our homeschool friends suggested your program and, as we had just moved away, we thought it would be great to do the same thing as our friends. We are still using a traditional program and are supplementing with Smartick. We did get a discount back then too, which definitely helped. Homeschooling is already expensive as we live on one income.

What does Lily like most about Smartick?

She likes mostly everything about it! Lily loves the games and competitions and is always super excited about her coding sessions.

As a parent, what do you like most about Smartick?

I like that it is different from the other programs. We are using two other math programs that are not online, but like to supplement with Smartick as it keeps her brain flexible and its fun.

What are some ways you help motivate Lily to work on Smartick? Do you have a particular routine to work on Smartick?

We homeschool and Lily usually starts her morning with Smartick. She does it independently so I can take care of the other two children (they go to school though). It’s a great way to get into a learning mode and she usually enjoys it.

Is limiting screen time an aspect in your family?

We do little screen time for pleasure, but are using the screen for a lot of our homeschool work. It’s a great way to free up some time for me while at the same time, I can always chime in and look what she is doing.

More Happy Insights

I’m very happy with your support team. We’ve sent in some questions or things that we thought were wrong and you’ve been great to answer and adjust. We even got a special gift, which Lily was very happy about.

We appreciate all the effort you put in this program. It’s wonderful. And I know quality costs something. I just really think more homeschoolers would use it to supplement if it was cheaper. Most of us are on a tight budget.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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