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Aloha Math Cost

Looking for the price of Aloha Math? Here's what you need to know!

Aloha Math costs around $60 per month. Like other methods, such as Mathnasium where the price varies depending on the training center, educational programs also depend on these circumstances. On their website, you can search for the closest Aloha Math center and contact them for prices.

Why Should You Choose Smartick and How Much Does It Cost?


Smartick is a startup that was founded in 2011 by two Spanish business leaders, Daniel González de Vega and Javier Arroyo, and has won international awards in addition to growing as a team and business. Currently Smartick, has new offices in countries such as Mexico and Boston (USA) and is establishing itself as one of the leading online methods for learning mathematics in the industry. 

 As for the price, Smartick has situated itself as one of the online math learning methods for children that offers better rates than others, such as Aloha Math, Mathnasium, or Kumon. The platform offers discounted rates depending on the number of children subscribed and the type of subscription selected at a cost of $30-$45 per month.

Differences between Smartick and Aloha Math

What are some of the differences between Smartick and Aloha Math? Keep reading to find out!


Both the Aloha Math and the Smartick methods, have the registration fee included in their price as well as several discounts depending on the number of children and length of subscription. The difference is that Smartick costs around $30-$45 per month and Aloha Math slightly more, about $65 per month.

Study Plan

The study plan of the two methods have some similarities such as calculation, arithmetic, logic, and reasoning within their programs. The difference is that Smartick has personalized sessions that adapt in real time, as well as scientifically designed brain training games, two things that Aloha Math does not offer


In relation to age, Smartick and Aloha Math have that in common because both plans have students between the ages of 4 and 14.

Effectiveness of the Method

In this feature, the only advantage Aloha Math has is unlimited daily working time. However, by choosing the Smartick method, your children will benefit from real-time adaptability, automatic correction, and immediate feedback.

Help for Parents

Aloha Math and Smartick have unlimited access to their customer service teams but in addition, Smartick provides real-time, up-to-date information for parents so that they have a better understanding of their child’s overall learning and progression.

Student Assistance

Finally, the Smartick program includes continuous, personalized support from our Pedagogical Support Team whenever a student may need it. On the other hand, Aloha Math does not offer a similar feature.

With Smartick, your children will receive a valuable math learning experience. 

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Guaranteed Results

With Smartick children in more than 100 countries strive to improve their professional future


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