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Mathnasium Cost

Want to know the cost of Mathnasium? Keep reading to find out!

Mathnasium costs around $200-$300 per month. Depending on the region, prices may vary.

How Much Does Mathnasium Cost?

Mathnasium is a traditional method for learning mathematics that started in the United States. Its programs are based on tutoring by teachers in local centers in the U.S. and Canada. There is a fairly large network of Mathnasium centers throughout North America, and their prices range from around $200-$300 per month.

What Is Smartick and How Much Does it Cost?

The Smartick method is a great app and website for kids to excel in math. It is specifically designed for children ages 4 to 14. Children have a free trial where they can create their username, password, and avatar, and parents can check the most up-to-date subscription options. The sessions are 15 minutes each day and then they have the option to play in the Virtual World after their sessions. There, children can buy things with the ticks they have earned during their sessions and participate in competitions with other children on Smartick.

At Smartick we have 3 types of subscription rates to choose from: 1 month, 3 month, and 12 month. Depending on the number of children registering there are also various discounts:

Monthly rate:


1 child: $39 per month

2 children: $34 per month

3 or more children: $29.50 per month

Three month rate:


1 child: $36 per month

2 children: $32.50 per month

3 or more children: $28.50 per month

Annual rate:


1 child: $28.50 per month

2 children: $25.50 per month

3 or more children: $19.90 per month

Mathnasium or Smartick?

If you are unsure about choosing between Mathnasium or Smartick as a method of learning mathematics for your children, keep reading to learn more about some differences between them:


Price is definitely one of the main advantages that Smartick has over Mathnasium. The cost of Mathnasium tutoring, means that parents of children are looking for affordable alternatives that also offer a comprehensive study plan for their children. Keep in mind that Mathnasium costs around $250 and Smartick about $40.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence

While the Mathnasium method is based on personalized tutorials for the child, the Smartick method has an app developed with advanced artificial intelligence. This feature makes Smartick a great solution because it allows your children to develop their abilities in the specific areas that need improvement. The app adjusts the level of difficulty in real-time during the session so that your child is always faced with an attainable challenge that will encourage their learning while making it fun.

Study Plan


Smartick’s study plan is one of the most attractive on the market when compared to other methods. With Smartick, your children will develop mathematical thinking in a dynamic way and these skills will help to improve their academic performance as well.

Start using Smartick today, the best online math method for your children!


Guaranteed Results

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