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Boundless Learning with Limited Screen Time

Limited Screen Time

Uncharted Territory: Technology Landscape

As technology weaves its way into the fibers of our society, we see the many benefits and pitfalls unravel in real time. Digital devices are becoming extensions of ourselves, an addition limb that has evolved over the years. As computers, phones, and tablets become more present, parents are finding themselves navigating an unfamiliar tech-driven world. As parents, you must deal with some of the consequences arising in the increasingly digital landscape surrounding your children.

Avoiding screens is not necessarily impossible. However, it is a challenge. Going 100% screen free may not be the right way to go. There are incredible benefits to having technology at our fingertips. The digital medium is giving children different learning opportunities. This new tech terrain provides interaction and a more personalized educational experience, optimizing kids’ time and enhancing their learning. However, the consistent presence of screens is also understood to have negative effects. Consequently, parents are limiting screen time to encourage using technology without abusing it.

Striking the Tech Balance

Many Smartick families are working on striking the perfect balance: taking advantage of the technology available while not going overboard. Smartick mom, who also goes by the moniker, MamaBear, jumped at the opportunity to work on Smartick. She found herself living a new mantra: media with intent.

The daily 15-minute sessions require hard work and attention from her children. With Smartick, she uses technology positively. It allows her to provide a clear limit for her children’s usage. On top of the short sessions, her kids must work on their math exercises independently to get the most out of the program. In 15 minutes, her children optimize their time and learning while giving MamaBear downtime to unwind thanks to the limited screen time guaranteed.

The 15 minutes of limited screen time opens a world of opportunities for you as parents. Start the load of laundry you’ve been meaning to get too. Indulge in some of your own media with intent by catching up on the news. Write those thank you emails. As your kids are working on their math skills, don’t feel guilty to simply soak up those 15-minutes. Drink a cup of tea. Unwind.

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