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Should Homework Be Banned?

We will never get tired of saying it: the battle is not against homework, it is for better homework. On the last episode of the War Against Homework, now in the UK, the protagonist was Gary Lineker, 56, former footballer and father of four who said that homework ‘drives a massive wedge’ between youngsters and their parents – who inevitably end up doing the work. If that is his case, then the kind of homework his children are receiving is not the most suitable. The experts know that homework is something that children have to do on their own, without help from their parents. It is the way to know if they understand what they have learned earlier in class and if they can be self-sufficient and individually investigate on their own. Lineker believes that there should be a day to boycott homework like there was in Spain a few years ago.

Should homework be banned?

If a parent would like to see how their child could improve with homework that is specifically designed to advance maths skills, then they should try SmartickMethod. The perfect kind of maths homework is the kind that knows exactly what needs to be improved, and this is what Smartick achieves with it’s Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, the suggested activities are at just the right level for a child to complete and boost their confidence with numbers.

Smartick sessions are 15 minutes a day which means limited screen time where your child is doing something productive and on their own. This is why we always ask parents to let their children complete Smartick without help of any kind so that the level of the activities can adapt to their knowledge.

We believe that children have to play and have fun, as well as get bored. But it is also good to acquire consistent, daily study habits that will help them in the long run.

So, welcome to the debate on homework. ‘It is very good to demand that they be productive, useful, and meaningful…’ says education expert, Tom Bennet. But just as kids practice sports after school, they can warm up their brains with exercises that will help them do better in school, have more confidence, and get rid of maths as the most hated subject.

Should homework be banned? We don’t think so, but we do believe that better homework should be given around the world: adapted to the level that each child needs and with limited screen time: Smartick.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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