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What Sets Smartick Apart from Other Programs?


The goal and mission behind Smartick is quite simple. We want to help children master the foundations of math and develop lifelong traits like perseverance and a strong work ethic along the way. How exactly? The answer is multifaceted and a bit more comprehensive. First and foremost, an online mathematics method that immediately corrects exercises might not sound so innovative. But here are some of the reasons that set Smartick apart from other programs: 

1) Pace According to Each Child’s Needs

Thanks to the powerful algorithm behind the program, along with our great team of mathematicians and developers, we are able to measure multiple variables in order to calibrate the program to the needs of each child. Since we know how long it takes for each child to answer, if they answer incorrectly, or if they have missed several answers in a row, we can see where they have miscalculated, and adjust the content to right where they need it to be.

Ideally, adjustments are made so the child has the confidence to face the challenge without the content being excessively easy. This is what psychology calls the zone of proximal development (Vigotsky), this helps children maintain concentration and remain in a flow state, or ‘in the zone.’ These fine-tuned adjustments allow for more focus at an age when it is sometimes difficult to maintain attention, which proves to be beneficial for children who can do more than what is required in school. Apart from allowing kids to progress further than the provided academic material and work on more advanced concepts, those children who may be falling behind are given the opportunity to catch up as well.

2) The Best Content

We at Smartick could have been satisfied years ago with the thousands of exercises that were already incorporated into our curriculum. However, the team of mathematicians and educators continue to study new exercises and methodologies according to the latest advances in the didactics of mathematics every day in order to provide the best method for our families. Every five weeks, once these new exercises have been tested and approved, they are included in the Smartick curriculum as a new version.

3) Continuous Data Analysis

At Smartick, we take the time to thoroughly study the data collected from thousands of problems that are solved daily in our method. The exhaustive analysis of this data allows us to propose improvements to our current content and algorithm and continuously improve the learning experience of our students and their motivation towards mathematics.

Apart from reading about these three main reasons, families can try out the program for themselves. Curious to test out the program firsthand? Register for the free trial here.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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  • Adapts to your child’s level
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