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Happy 2019 to the Smartick Family!

happy 2019

It’s impossible to know every single one of our Smartick families.

However, in the last few years, we have been able to get a better idea by interviewing many of you who have worked with our method. What your main concerns are, what you hope for in your children’s education, and how you want to prepare them for the future. Today is the day we start working on our New Year’s resolutions and we know that Smartick parents encourage their children to keep going and not throw in the towel. You are the parents who work to ensure your children have good habits and make sure they have those 15 minutes of complete math focus because you know that extra bit of math goes a long way.

For this reason, we wanted to start the year by wishing you a Happy 2019 and thank you for trusting in us.

There are parents who think beyond school math expectations and have their children work with Smartick to progress as much as possible. There are also parents of children who are lagging behind in school math and know Smartick will help get them on track by filling in the learning gaps. And finally, there are parents whose children excel in school and work on Smartick to strengthen their math confidence.

Our daily 15 minutes of exercises specially adapted for each child help combat math failure. Math is a subject where trust is key: those who believe they are ¨bad at numbers¨ fall into a self-fulfilling prophecy with negative outcomes.

Smartick parents know what really matters in their children’s education: strong concentration skills, good habits, and effort. These three skills are not in most education guru’s speeches but common sense has proven them essential for good and smart learning. We conduct plenty of research so that Smartick’s Artificial Intelligence places each child at the exact level they need.

As Smartick parents are fully dedicated to their children’s education, we take this seriously and it’s a big responsibility for us to provide you with the best method. That’s why this 2019 we will not stop working to improve each and every day. We know what it means when thousands of children take the time to work on extra math outside of the classroom without being asked by teachers but because their parents believe it is best for them.

Smartick parents know the importance of math when they hear about the new skills required for future jobs. You do not take shortcuts but instead work to give your children the key that will open many doors: confidence in math.

Right now in the Smartick headquarters, the Development, Pedagogical, and Customer Support Teams are working hard to create new content and provide the best experience for your family. We strive to make each child’s daily experience as motivating as possible. We carefully study and comb through the data from thousands of sessions to see how we can refine our algorithm even further. The data can reveal a lot, but sometimes it is the feedback from parents and children who have truly become part of the Smartick family that allows us to become better.

Every time a child sits down to work on their daily session, we want parents to know that behind the method there is a team rooting for you with the same desire as you to help your children thrive in the world.

To all those parents who are now with us or who have been: we wish you a very Happy 2019.

We know that you are one of those who actually completes your New Year’s resolutions: teach responsibility and independence to your children.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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