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January: Time for New Year’s Resolutions and Good Grades in Math

Good Grades in Math

We’ve only just taken our first tentative steps into 2018, but by now I’m sure you’ll have already read that the majority of us aren’t able to keep up with our New Year’s resolutions. It’s a great comfort to those of us who almost started running, or stopped smoking. You know, the ones who signed up for that new gym membership and “will go tomorrow,” or decided to spend less time on social networks but followed this link from Twitter (thank you for that!), or planned to read more books on the bus on the way to Pilates but still haven’t got past the first page.

But we have evidence that change really can happen. Every year, after Christmas, we welcome parents who realize that six months is enough time for their children to gain confidence in math. Or, in other words, after the first three months of the academic year, they’ve realized that their children need a push, or can go above and beyond what is expected of them in the classroom. In either case, Smartick is the solution.

Smartick in January is the vaccine against failure in June. It’s administrated in daily doses of 15 minutes, adapted to the potential of each student. It’s a convenient remedy that can be taken from home, or anywhere it might be required. And it needs no involvement from parents, beyond receiving an email containing the results of each session. As the years go on, it never ceases to amaze us how many people want to “cure” their children’s failure in math with a few weeks of tutoring or summer school. With the Smartick “vaccine”, children regain confidence and self-esteem. They’re able to confront the exercises adapted to them in each session, which leads to increased immunity to anxiety when working with mathematics.

Mathematical anxiety is a widespread pathology, even amongst parents and primary school teachers. It’s also contagious. Children notice that some of their teachers don’t get on well with numbers. At home, they hear phrases like “I’m no good with math” which leads them to believe that they were born with a non-existent gene that prevents them enjoying algebra. Smartick can’t guarantee that every child will become a brilliant mathematician, although we do work with plenty of gifted students, we do know that if they incorporate Smartick into their daily routine in January, they won’t have any problems passing in June. And just as importantly, you’ll have peace of mind.

So now you know. If you can’t keep up with your other resolutions for 2018, try giving your children 15 minutes of math a day. Maybe in a few months, they’ll be the ones showing us that it’s possible to start good habits, like attending this daily neuron gym, to keep our mathematics in good shape. And hopefully, you’ll discover that it’s possible for them to get good grades in math.

Happy 2018!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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