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Maths Daily Practice – Smartick Review

Allow me to introduce you to Sean today, husband to one of our mom bloggers who did a review about their children beginning to use Smartick at home. You can read her post Introducing Smartick for Better Math’s Grades here.

Sean wanted to write about Smartick on his own blog and share his experience after almost a month working with Smartick on a daily basis, as maths daily practice.

maths daily practice

Sean says that Smartick has slotted into the family daily routine very easily… this seems to be very reasonable since the duration of the student’s maths session is just 15 minutes per day.

It is fantastic to know that they found a slot to do their Smartick lesson every day so that the children can get the most out of Smartick:

“They still look forward to their sessions and very rarely miss one.”

At home, they feel that the children are increasing their motivation as time goes by. How fantastic! They feel that the children are getting competitive, but in a very positive way, so that they are willing to get better every day and thus they get as many “ticks” as possible…

As an unexpected bonus (just as Sean says), the parents have noticed that Smartick is making the children kinder to one another thanks to the fact that they can exchange “virtual gifts” by spending their collected “coins”. They find this feature a very nice attribute that the Smartick method has to offer.

Sean finds the way Smartick keeps parents informed through the daily e-mails, detailing the contents of the lesson and the child´s performance quite remarkable.

Smartick is really good at keeping you informed about your child’s progress”

maths daily practice

Educational games: Virtual World in Smartick

Sean also points out the fact that the games that the children can access after their daily lesson are very educational and appropriate for their age. As parents, they prefer seeing their children playing these games than another kind of video games.

maths daily practice

What we like the most is that the children themselves are able to realize that they are improving their results in school, thanks to this maths daily practice.

“The youngest has said it’s helping him find his maths at school a bit easier, which is a wonderful sign that things are going well.”

This family is just another example of how much children can benefit from practicing with Smartick! We are very happy for them!

Your children can also start benefiting from Smartick by registering for the free trial period here!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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