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Recent Review: Why We Love Maths with Smartick!

Love Maths

I would like you to meet Belinda Mountain today. She owns a women’s lifestyle blog and writes about being a mother and a business owner in South Africa. Belinda likes to refer to her children aged 4 and 7 as little molehills that she is trying to transform into mountains. She is trying Smartick with her kids and shares their experience in this post: Why we love maths with Smartick.

Belinda tells us that she had a “temperamental past” with maths, though this was not until the first year at university when this subject got a little more complicated.

“I still have those dreams of suddenly being back in the school hall about to write my Matric Maths exam and not having studied!”

Belinda talks about how essential maths is for daily life. That is exactly how we feel at Smartick!

“A basic grasp of Maths is essential if you want to run a household, a business, a budget, you name it.”

This mom (naturally as many of us do) wishes her children not to struggle with maths ever. That is why she was thrilled to give Smartick a try with them. She says that they absolutely love doing their exercises and playing the games every day. They even remind her if they have not done their lesson as late as dinner time! This kind of motivation is what we are looking for when our students practice with Smartick. Love Maths

After describing the main features of the program, Belinda highlights the fact that the kids keep their motivation thanks to the 15 minutes duration of the daily session.

“The kids don’t get bored and their concentration is at a maximum.”

We are very proud to spread our program throughout South Africa. We are expecting to be as successful as we are in other countries already, around 90% of our students improve their calculation skills within two months of training with Smartick.

Virtual World

Belinda is especially happy about the way Smartick rewards children with “golden ticks” that children will use afterward in the Virtual World. She is delighted with all the different options that children can do after their Maths practice, like design their avatar, exchange gifts, “buy” toys, plants, pets and so on. She is amazed by the difference that this makes on children in terms of motivation.

“Maths itself is also very fun for them… He loves it and the fact that he’s learning while doing it is obviously a huge bonus.”

Belinda encourages her readers to try Smartick if they wish their children to enjoy numbers or if they need to improve and love maths. You can sign up for a free trial period here. We are very happy to know that many families in South Africa are going to enjoy the benefits of Smartick with their children as much as Belinda does. Thank you, Belinda!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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