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An Innovative Way to Make Maths Lovable with Smartick


In her blog post about Smartick, ‘An Innovative Way To Make Maths Lovable – Smartick Method’, Mrs. Neha Tambe talks about how most of us dreaded Maths in school and found it extremely boring and unimaginative, not because of the subject itself but the approach.

Mrs. Tambe, based in India, is a mom to two beautiful kids. She is also a digital marketer and author of Neha Tambe. She loves writing short stories which draw inspiration from real life situations and about her views as a Mommy as she wants her children to make informed decisions about their present and future.

In her post, she shares how she and her daughter fell in love with maths because of the innovative approach of Smartick! Talk about love at first sight.

How has Smartick Make Maths Lovable?  

“My daughter is in love with Smartick! She is eager to do her daily sessions, understand her mistakes and improve. I have seen an increase in her concentration levels and as I get daily updates about her performance, I am attuned to her progress.”

She is extremely happy about the fact that not only is her daughter eager to finish her 15 minutes of daily sessions, but also enjoys doing the Brain Games after the sessions present in the virtual world.

She also loves the fact that the program is completely self-learning based and hence she never has to sit and explain concepts as her daughter learns new concepts by watching tutorials and works according to her pace.

Her favorite part? The daily immediate reports. “The report not just focuses on the number of correct answers but also takes into consideration her speed at solving them and her logic and reasoning”, she writes.


Make Maths Lovable

What is Mrs. Tambe’s final verdict about Innovative Smartick?

Mrs. Tambe says that “As a mom who has seen her child progress with and enjoys Smartick Method, I would highly recommend it.”

Want to give Maths another try? Don’t miss the free trial being offered by Smartick!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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