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Can the Smartick Method Boost Your Child’s Math Skills?

math skills

That’s the questions the team from Tuned In Parents asked themselves when they started using our program. As it turns out, they found Smartick did help and they were eager to share what they liked the most, both from a student’s and parent’s perspective. Here’s what they had to say:

What students liked the most:

“My daughter (eight years old and approaching third grade) loves the diploma feature the best. The first one came as a complete surprise, and because she had to work hard for it, she felt a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. Another feature my daughter likes is the ticks/stars system for buying virtual pets, room decorations, and avatar clothing and accessories. And the Virtual World itself is always fun for kids. In it, they can customize the weather, make real friends (other Smartick kids), play games, compete against peers for awards, and go shopping (no real money or ads, just ticks/stars).”

What parents liked the most:

“There’s a lot I, in the parent and tutor role, like about the Smartick Method. The program adapts with your child’s mood, performance, and rating of difficulty level after each session; I love that. And though the timer can be a source of anxiety for my daughter (and probably others too), it has helped her stabilize her performance under pressure, and I believe this teaches test taking and math skills. The progress reports and reviews of my child’s performance in each area help me to identify what tutorials and math games (features I also like) she can use to increase her understanding and performance. And I, like my daughter, love the diplomas that follow consistent effort and results. It wasn’t until my daughter earned her first diploma that she took the initiative to practice with the Smartick Method daily. That’s right, daily. And after each session, she checks her progress before playing in her Virtual World.”

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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