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Smartick Learning Maths Method: Meet Mama B Review

Meet Mama B, a new Smartick mom blogger who has recently written a review on how her children are learning maths with Smartick. You can read Smartick Method Maths Program – Product Review here.

Mama B was thrilled to try Smartick at home with her two lovely kids, ages 8 and 9. They both love animals, and are getting the chance to earn all types of avatar pets! They are able to earn more pets from the Virtual World as they get more and more “stars.”

She starts by describing Smartick, an online AI-based adaptive math program for children ages 4 – 14. Her children are enjoying it so much that she assures her readers that their own children will also be willing to do their maths lessons each and every day of the week, just as the program recommends.

Just as she did with her two kids, she explains how parents or teachers can easily register as many students as they need to, all under the same parent/tutor account.

Then she talks about how cleverly tailored Smartick is, and how well it adapts to each child’s learning pace. We are especially proud of this feature! Here at Smartick, we firmly believe that each child should be taught at their skill level, regardless of age.

In order to adapt, the child will have to perform a level test during the first sessions. It can take a few days to reach the students top level of knowledge.

“There’s an initial ‘getting to know you’ session, set to gauge the ability of the individual child – awesome!”

This feature is very appreciated by this family since the adaptiveness to each of their children helps avoid an undesired competitiveness between them.

Mama B has shared some examples of the exercises that her children complete during their sessions:

learning maths

learning maths

It was easy for her to convince the children to do their daily sessions with Smartick since they like learning maths and of course, the fact that it is computer based is an extra motivating factor!

“They couldn’t wait to get started.”

Smartick keeps children engaged thanks to the reward system, which makes them want to practice their sessions each day. The games that the Virtual World offers keeps children interested in doing their sessions every day to earn more “stars!”

“It really hooks your little gamers in :-)”

learning maths

Mama B ends up this fantastic post by pointing out the benefits of Smartick for a family of Home Educators such as themselves. This program encourages children to go as far as they can and enhances self-motivation, which makes Smartick as unique as each child is!

“The sky’s the limit – children are encouraged to engage, enjoy, and pursue their learning for their own reward”

learning maths

Thank you Mama B, we are very happy to know that Smartick is helping your family learning maths!

You can sign up for a FREE trial here.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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