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Kids with Special Needs and Smartick Method

kids with special needs

“My kids with Special Needs need to work at their own pace. And this is why Smartick Method works.”

Kids with special needs often demand to learn at their own pace. And this is one of the reasons Charlotte decided to homeschool. Her family gave traditional school a fair try but, for various reasons, they decided to homeschool their twin boys with special needs. Her boys are currently in first grade and Charlotte’s main goal is to ensure that they reach their full potential. One of her plans for the new year was to introduce technology into their education, which brought her directly to the Smartick Method for teaching math.

Smartick has students work on math every day for about 15 minutes. Charlotte’s sons took the placement test and since then have proceeded at their own pace and ability. The Artificial Intelligence technology has prevented the kids from getting frustrated or losing motivation. In fact, each day they ask to do their Smartick work. Children asking to do math!

Her boys can’t read yet, and some concepts seem challenging at first. But Smartick solves these issues nicely. Kids can take tutorials to learn and review some of the concepts. And clicking on the microphone icon on each question page allows students to have the text read out slowly and clearly.

Why Smartick is Great for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

“Homeschooling kids with special needs can be hard”, Charlotte explains. “We as parents sometimes need support and reassurance that what we’re doing is working. Smartick is great in that each day I receive an email for each child with a summary of what they did for the day. In this way, I can see which areas we maybe need to concentrate more on. Then we watch a tutorial or I give them a little extra instruction. In addition, parents are encouraged to contact the educators behind the program. There are real people behind the AI and they want our kids to succeed as much as we do!”

You can read more about Charlotte’s experience on her blog, My Little Homeschool.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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