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Homeschooling or Education Otherwise with Smartick


Home education, homeschooling, and education otherwise are terms that refer to education at home. A form of school that develops at home within a family.

This is an educational option that is practiced in many countries, mainly those in Europe, the Americas or Australia where it is more accepted and legislated. However, there are countries where the law does not explicitly prohibit it but does not regulate it either.

In general, homeschooling seeks to promote flexible teaching with active participation from parents. Parents that fight for quality education for every child while attending to their uniqueness.

Normally when families choose this option it is because they are unsatisfied with the established education model. They feel like it does not fit their needs or family circumstances, their personal beliefs or values, but they still advocate for quality education.

For these teaching parents, it is very important to have sufficient resources that allow them to teach their children in an efficient way. Therefore, pedagogical innovation with new technology is fundamental.

Educational Resources for Homeschoolers or Parents That Educate at Home

Nowadays, there are many educational possibilities thanks to new technologies that can be used with this model. Any subject matter that strikes your interest is right at your fingertips.

Parents need to prepare and be very careful about planning. They also need to stay in contact with other families and associations to receive the support necessary to play this important role.

Some of these resources and teaching materials correspond with specific methods in which students work independently and autonomously, with feedback that helps them constantly progress and refine what they’re doing. At Smartick we offer our method to families who have decided to homeschool. It is an ideal complement to learning math, programming, and reading comprehension that perfectly adapts to the rhythm of each child.

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