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Single Parent Families and Education Challenges

single parent families

With divorce on the rise and diverse family options, single parent families are becoming more common. Whether chosen or not, this is a challenge you face daily with all the obligations – job, education, economic and personal – that come with being a single parent taking care of everything. Sometimes it is not easy to get help from family, friends or neighbors, and any help is little or doesn’t feel like enough. 

Moving from survival to family enjoyment mode is a big achievement. Having time for you and yours, especially after long workdays and multiple extracurricular activities that kids may need in order to work with a parent’s schedule, is a real luxury.

As ”supermom” or ”superdad” we want to do everything. But sometimes that is impossible which can give us a sense of guilt and put us in a bad mood.

Advice for Single Parent Families

  • Prioritize, separate what is important from what is urgent.
  • Organize your time well.
  • Grandparents role. Establish limits and define the help that we can mutually give each other.
  • Give autonomy and more responsibilities to children to help speed up the daily pace.
  • Clearly establish everyone’s routine and role.
  • Avoid overprotection
  • Ask for help. ”Supermoms” and ”superdads” are overrated.
  • Look for resources in order to have quality leisure time: single parent family associations, trips, support groups.

We know how hard homework can be. At Smartick, we want to help make this time of day easier by supporting homework, specifically math. With our method, it is easy to monitor what our children do while giving them autonomy. Watch how they improve with their daily sessions without draining more energy from mom or dad. Help them with their school math.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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