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Cape Talk interview with Javier Arroyo, co-founder of Smartick

Cape talk

Javier Arroyo, the co-founder of Smartick, was recently interviewed on Cape Talk’s breakfast show presented by Kieno Kammies. Cape Talk boats more than 500,000 daily listeners, and 800,000 followers across social networks (Facebook and Twitter)

Interviewer Kieno Kamies asked Arroyo about the success of the online maths method for children has experienced worldwide (since it’s creation five years ago, it has improved the maths level of 32,000 children across 70 countries between the ages of 4 and 14) and discussed its availability in South Africa for the last few months.

Arroyo explained that the success of the method is down to its Artificial Intelligence that establishes an individualised programme for each child, adapting to their ability and pace of learning. In addition, students don’t have to spend any more than 15 minutes a day using it. Once their session ends they can enjoy the Virtual World, using the ticks they’ve earned to buy decorations for their virtual bedrooms, and accessories for their avatars. This motivates children to pick up the tablet or jump on the computer daily and improve their maths, logic, reasoning, mental calculation, arithmetic, and geometry skills – as well as their reading and comprehension – all while following the method from home.

For their part, parents don’t have to correct their child’s exercises. The method corrects children automatically and offers the correct solution when appropriate. Parents then receive a detailed report of the session, informing them of the themes the student has worked on and their effectiveness.

Smartick customers in South Africa complete their sessions in English, and have a customer support team available to them to help with any doubts that may arise; this in addition to the more than 45 professionals that make up the Smartick team: developers, mathematicians, professional educators, teachers, etc…

You can listen to the complete interview conducted on the morning Cape Talk programme here:


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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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