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Mummy Endeavours Review: Maths Help Online with the Smartick Method

Here at Smartick, we love to hear about students’ success stories in maths and school! You are about to read another one of these touching stories.

Recently, Carolynne, mum of 4, tried the Smartick method with her family. Carolynne writes and shares family stories on her mommy blog, Mummy Endeavours,from London. At school one of Carolynne’s youngest boys, age 7, was embarrassed when his teacher read his low maths score to the class. In return his confidence took a hit. No wonder! No one, no matter what age should ever feel singled out and embarrassed! Soon after, Carolynne was guided to the Smartick method for some extra maths practice for her children.

Smartick is really helping Carolynne’s young twins and daughter with their maths skills.

Here is a glimpse of Carolynne’s post:

“The platform does not have preloaded exercises, but rather has its own “intelligence” that always seeks the highest level of competence of each student. Always backed up and monitored by a team of educators.

I find this incredible. The program is completely tailored to the unique way your child works!

My twins are not doing the same sessions each day but they quite often like to watch each other and see what the other is doing which is funny, and also means they’re kind of doing TWO sessions instead of one per day!”


Something that Carolynne finds very remarkable about Smartick is that, because the questions in the sessions are not too difficult, her children are able to find most answers on their own. This means they do not get fed up or frustrated in any way and their confidence in maths increases.

Most importantly, the children are really enjoying the program. Carolynne can see them starting to understand concepts that they didn’t get a few weeks ago. The lesson plan is mapped in such a way that allows the student to progress naturally and fully adapt to the level of each student.

Also, she points out that the fact that it’s only 15 minutes a day makes it achievable. “It honestly doesn’t even feel like it’s 15 minutes. The sessions fly by.”

Carolynne also mentions the appearance of the screen and how it is simple and incredibly easy for children to navigate.


Another very interesting result from this trial is how much Smartick has opened this mum’s eyes to how her children minds are working, in terms of their own learning skills.

Carolynne also likes that parents get the results from their child’s session instantly delivered to their inbox. They can also access the tutor web anytime and check progress. There are detailed metrics on the performance of the student and lots of various tutorials that they can go over to reinforce learning.



After using Smartick free trial, Carolynne stated:

”I’m so happy with the Smartick Method. I can honestly say I’ve seen H’s [her son who was at first behind & embarrassed in class] confidence in learning maths already starting to grow and I didn’t want to stop once the initial trial ran out, so we have signed up for another three months! The kids are loving it and I absolutely can’t wait to see what progress has been made at the end of these three months!”

… And we are excited for the progress made in your household! Thank you for sharing your family’s story! A positive attitude towards learning is very important for children, especially with maths.

See how it works for you and your family by logging into Smartick to try for free!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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