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Back to School, Welcome to Smartick Method!

back to school

Back to school already. Time flies. Thanks to researchers, we already know that children who are self-confident in math would become more successful when they grow up. Time flies and for this school year, many parents try to find the time to take their children to all kinds of afterschool activities.

Is it possible to have your kids engaged in a math method, with every session designed specifically for them, at home, for just 15 minutes? That was our goal when we founded Smartick Method: based on 15-minute daily sessions, the child progresses at their own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration and developing a positive attitude toward math. Artificial Intelligence mixed with great psychology to improve math results.

The short 15-minute daily sessions promote maximum concentration. We help create positive study habits and routines, avoid burnout, keep children motivated and coming back for more. One of today’s challenges parents face is keeping their children’s attention and developing grit and good habits. Grades are important, but so are the skills that build a character that learns from failures and is able to think about long-term results. No, Smartick Method doesn’t promise to be a miracle; we recommend children do their session at least 5 days a week to truly experience the benefits of the program.

Since we adapt to every student, Smartick Method is great for either kids who are falling behind at school and need reinforcement, and those who excel, satisfying gifted children as enrichment.

Basically, we like to see ourselves as an early vaccine for math anxiety. If children start with Smartick as early as four years old, they’ll find that they can cope with school math requirements more easily. As students work on their sessions autonomously, they create their own positive environment, avoiding external factors that may negatively influence their attitude towards math.

It’s back to school season and a great time to try our free 15-day trial. You can start September having decided that you found a reliable method for math that doesn’t require commuting from activities, spending valuable time to know tutors or the inconvenience of keeping track of the time to complete the exercises as Kumon requires. We are able to keep your children focused for 15 minutes. They can now use the time saved for reading, sports, baking cookies, playing outside and, yes, playing with SmartickBrain games, designed to enhance their cognitive skills. We are more than math: we are grit, good habits, self-confidence and extra time for parents. The minute kids complete their Smartick session, parents get their results in their mailbox. We love helping children struggling with math recover their self-confidence and build the growth mindset they need. However, we also like to see ourselves as that kind of vaccine, provided at the right time, will avoid math anxiety forever and instill a love for numbers.

The internet is full of free math resources, so you are right to ask what would be the difference to pay for Smartick Method. That question has become easy for us to answer: we serve the exact kind of math dish your children need in order to put them in their flow zone and find that they keep asking for more.

As many members of the Smartick team are runners, we like to explain that Smartick is the personal trainer that will help your children in the race towards education excellence: creating good habits with our math routine, all while developing reasoning skills and instilling grit and self-discipline.

So, back to school, welcome to Smartick Method!

back to school

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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  • Adapts to your child’s level
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