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Summer Review to Prevent Learning Loss

Our well-deserved summer break is here again. For parents, it’s time to organize their children’s vacation so that there is ample time for leisure to de-stress after a long school year, while making time for summer review so that the knowledge acquired at school is not lost.

When today’s parents were children, they were expected to complete summer work or workbooks. But things have changed- the Alpha generation (children born after 2010) are considered the first 100% digital natives, according to a 2018 analysis by the Pew Research Center and Joe Nellis, professor of global economics at Cranfield Business School in the UK. For them, technology is a part of life, an extension of their way of knowing the world.

Summer review recommendation

That’s why the Smartick method is a logical and straightforward way to review math in a fun and entertaining way while also optimizing the use of screens for educational purposes. Many parents express their fears about the excessive time spent in front of screens and applications for purely recreational or entertainment purposes.

Precisely one of the conclusions of the study “The consumption and use of mobile devices and Apps by children of the Alpha generation in Spain” -co-directed by the Observatory of Audiovisual Content of the USAL and the Chair of Communication in Childhood and Adolescence of the UCM-, indicates that it is necessary to improve the content, and time spent on digital aids for children.

Thus, with Smartick’s summer review, children dedicate only 15 minutes a day to practice their skills with numbers to prepare for the return to school with more confidence and security.

summer review
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Parents are aware of the importance of maintaining certain habits of practicing and reviewing the main subjects in school on vacation. Not maintaining any academic activity from June to September can lead to the dreaded summer unlearning. It is known that children who totally interrupt their learning during vacation lose the equivalent of two months of acquired knowledge from the school year and start the following year with more difficulties. It is then nearly impossible for them to recover the lost knowledge, compared to students who do carry out educational activities of review in summer.

One of the differential elements of Smartick’s virtual summer review is Artificial Intelligence, to achieve this personalization and individualization of content to the level and pace of each child. It allows them to have fun during the summer, combine it with family life, and, in addition, work alone without the help of their parents. This school year will start off on the right foot from day one!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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