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Top Tips to Beat the Summer Slide: Smartick Method Review

This week Leanna, mom of 3 and education blogger, released a blog post sharing her Top Tips to Beat the Summer Slide!

What is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide occurs when children lose knowledge learned from the previous school year from lack of learning over the summer. A lot of the hard work and hours of school can easily be forgotten, and that is such a shame! But no fear! Leanna gives her top tips to beating the summer slide in her article!

Leanna starts her article with her own definition of the summer slide:

“We have all heard about the dreaded summer slide – the loss a child experiences during summer vacation when lack of practice erodes the learning so painstakingly gained during the school year. Here are fun ways to beat the summer slide, through educational media that your child will actually enjoy!”

The summer slide is called a slide because children are actually at a disadvantage for the school year ahead and are more likely to fall behind. Basically, they are behind before already starting school!? This sounds stressful! But it does not have to be! The summer slide is preventable.

summer slide

In Leanna’s article she names Smartick as a resource to avoid the summer slide because of the following:

“One program that we’ve come to love is Smartick. I loved math as a kid, but I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my oldest son doesn’t. At least, he didn’t. Getting him to do math worksheets has always been like pulling teeth. Math games and manipulatives help, but for a long time, math remained his least favorite subject. Yet now that we are using Smartick, doing math is a treat, not a chore! He really enjoys this online program, especially because you earn points to use in games after you finish your session.

I love that my 4-year-old can also use it without my help. He was really amazed and so proud of himself for using the same program as his big brother! Each child has his own profile, and Smartick uses Artificial Intelligence to adjust the program to that child’s level, so they are working on problems just right for them. The idea is that your child does one short, 15-minute session a day so that they get the repetition and practice without the burnout. I love that I get a daily report of how and what they do in their sessions, so I can track their progress.”

These are the reasons that Leanna is choosing Smartick as the resource to keep her children involved in math practice over the summer!

Try a free Smartick trial to avoid the summer slide!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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