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Your children have worked hard. They have kept up with homework and after-school activities all year long. We know they deserve their summer break and time to enjoy the outdoors and go on adventures with friends. Summer is time to explore their passions and pursue their hobbies.

But vacation days are long, and it is easy to let go and fall into a lazy routine where the TV is always on. A break from the busy school schedule does not necessarily mean a break from learning, and as parents, there are plenty of things we can do to keep those hard- earned skills fresh, and avoid the setback that happens during the summer months.

Far too often we also forget about math. We tend to encourage our children to read and we take trips to local museums and historical sites. But what about math? We spent long hours during the school year practicing times tables and going over word problems to find the solution. All those hours shouldn’t go to waste. In fact, you may like to know that kids who practice math over the summer enjoy a smooth back to school transition, while kids who don’t may have lost a couple of months in their learning.

But we have good news 🙂 It’s not too late.

Smartick wants to help your children keep their math skills sharp during the summer. Only 15 minutes a day are enough to get them up to speed for the upcoming school year. You will see them work on mental calculation and algebra while developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You will see them play games that reinforce their cognitive skills. 

Want more? For a limited time only, we are offering a discounted price for the summer. We want you to fully experience Smartick and many families welcome the opportunity to use our program during the summer and have their children actually enjoy some quality screen time. Maybe trade some mindless TV time for Smartick on their tablets? Sounds like a plan!

But parents beware: Smartick is fun and engaging. Your children may like it so much, they may ask you to continue “playing” on Smartick during the school year. You kids may actually love working on their math 🙂

Sign up for our free trial, and let the summer fun begin.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
Diane Ackerman
Smartick is a fun way to learn math
  • 15 fun minutes a day
  • Adapts to your child’s level
  • Millions of students since 2009
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  • Ema EdetNov 23 2019, 2:22 PM

    I think there should be a little game where a friend comes to visit he’s\her smartick friend and they cook and do fun stuff.

  • Eddie henryJan 26 2018, 11:53 AM

    Nice method

  • Venus OssiaNov 01 2017, 9:14 AM

    Not fair it is working for other people but not for me because i am trying to log on my child but they are denying my child’s password i have been trying to do this for days and they still deny it that’s why i am angry….

    • SmartickNov 02 2017, 5:45 AM

      Hi Venus,

      We can’t find your registration with this email address. Please contact us on [email protected] so we can assist.

  • Zoe BentingOct 07 2017, 12:35 AM

    This is a really good method for children to improve there mathematics skills so I want to thank you for helping us.

  • beyonceAug 29 2017, 10:33 AM

    omg smartick is the best i tried some minutes ago i got crazy with it
    all the time i could not understand how it goes but now i do

  • beyonceAug 29 2017, 9:46 AM

    hi is this math from the US , because if so wont be the math different from other countries

    • SmartickSep 06 2017, 7:41 AM

      Thanks for your comment!
      Math, like music, is a universal language. Numbers are the same in every country!
      Sometimes there are slight differences in the way we perform some operations, for example, division, or how we use decimal points or commas to separate decimals or thousands. We have solved these distinctions adapting Smartick for each country and language.

  • Kumasi SamuelJul 02 2017, 6:08 AM

    I want to try out and see how good it really is

    • SmartickJul 03 2017, 4:51 AM

      Do it! You have a free trial. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]

  • LaraJun 28 2017, 5:54 AM

    It seems like a very nice learning website

    • SmartickJun 28 2017, 5:57 AM

      Thanks Lara!

  • NatashaJun 18 2017, 12:02 PM

    Please tell me more about the summer special

    • SmartickJun 20 2017, 11:44 AM

      Hi Natasha,

      The Summer Special is currently not available in South Africa as it is not the season yet. The deal is only applicable to students who are on summer break in UK and US.