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“Being a Teacher, I Know That There Is Retention Loss over Summer”

Today we’re going to hear about the experience Ginny, from Clothed with Grace, had using Smartick. She’s a mother of two (only one on them within the Smartick age range of 4 to 14), as well as a teacher, so her perspective is one we think you’ll love to hear about.

“Being a teacher, I know that there is around a 30% retention loss for kids over summer break”

retention loss

Her post is especially interesting because she shares plenty of screenshots showing the great variety of exercises our program offers. The online nature of Smartick, and working with a diverse team of math teachers, gives us the freedom to study different strategies in depth, such as the Montessori or Singapore methods. We can then keep and filter out the things that do and don’t work best with children. We update the platform with new content every six weeks, and we take the suggestions our Smartick families share with us seriously. They can reach us by phone, web chat, or email. We are an online learning method, but we make sure parents feel the human touch.

Ginny, in fact, mentions how she received a follow-up call from our customer care team, which is something we do regularly to make sure parents know that there is a team of educators behind Smartick always ready to help and gather their feedback. She also shares a screenshot of the daily reports she gets in her inbox.

retention loss

Smartick’s Virtual World

What her son seems to love the most are the games and other features in the Virtual World. Kids can access this section of the program after they complete their 15 minutes of math practice (but not before!). There they can play games that are scientifically designed to reinforce cognitive skills, and personalize their room and avatar (among other things). In her own words:

“Then, you are able to go to this play screen where Grant can do things in each building and spend the stars he’s earned to buy things like pets and skateboards. He can also personalize his character each day for free too. This is a fun way to end the session and Grant will sometimes play here for longer than his math took.”

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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