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Smartick Sessions – Better on a Big Screen

In today’s post, we are going to explain why we recommend that children complete their daily Smartick sessions on devices with a big screen. Smartick is available on any device, but our students get better results if we make sure that they have an optimal experience.

Designing a children’s application doesn’t mean making an easier version of something that is usually meant for adults. It is necessary to know the users well. Everything from their needs and limitations to the context in which they are using the method, among other things.

Children Are Very Demanding Users 

Holding their attention can be challenging at times. We must meet the learning objectives while ensuring that they enjoy math at the same time. To do this, both the initial approach and the design process must be fully aligned with the requirements of the users. And our users, despite already being accustomed to the screens, are big fans of novelty and simplicity.

Why Is It Better to Do Smartick on a Big Screen?

  • A large part of the content on Smartick is made up of manipulative materials, an essential base for the acquisition of math concepts. These contents involve interactions that children find difficult to complete on small screens due to their limited psychomotor skills. Actions like dragging, clicking, or filling in blanks, can become an irritating task if the elements are not an adequate size. Many of Smartick’s activities cannot adapt to small devices. Doing so would make the screen appear very crowded or we’ll need to eliminate fundamental elements necessary for the correct development of the exercise.
  • We also need to leave space available for gamification. Features like the energy bar, clock, and stars which are fundamental elements in our daily sessions to motivate students.
  • At Smartick we always insist on completing daily sessions on a screen larger than a smartphone. It is preferred so our students feel comfortable and secure.
  • Using devices like tablets or computers gives those 15 minutes of their session a touch of seriousness, like schoolwork. Smartick (and learning math) is not a game. On a smartphone, messages or calls could be coming in during their session which would definitely affect their concentration.
  • Doing Smartick every day from a special device also facilitates a daily routine. This helps to pass on the value of consistency, which we are always trying to stress the importance of.

big screen

Smartick on a Smartphone? Better Not

Smartphone use should be limited to very specific and exceptional times when no other device is available. In this case, it would be useful so students do not lose their rhythm and continue with their normal routine. Keep in mind that the Smartick app is currently only available for Android.

In summary, in order to fully experience the benefits of the Smartick method, it is necessary for students to feel comfortable with the design we have made specifically for them. Having no obstacles when they are interacting with the program is key to achieving the best learning. A smartphone should not be the usual device for sessions because it can make math and learning frustrating rather than enjoyable.

If they are completing Smartick sessions from a smartphone and you are unsure how to log in from a different device, take a look at these tutorials. We explain what to do, step by step:

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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