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Anne is the author of Just Only Home. She’s a mother to 4 wonderful girls, and bonus mama to 3 more. She loves cooking and parenting her children in a way that encourages them to explore who they are now and who they aspire to become.

In her recent blog post about Smartick, Fearlessly Homeschooling Math, she shares with her readers the homeschooling journey of one of her daughters, Sophea, from the time she was in first grade through third grade, when things started to get complicated:

“Then came 3rd grade. My intentions were to keep up over the summer doing some learning activities. Life gets more fun in the summer though, and sometimes good intentions fall by the wayside. I was absolutely horrified to get to the beginning of year 2’s curriculum and find her frustrated and struggling. What a feeling of failure that was for me as a new homeschooling mom. She’d already forgotten some of the simpler things we’d gone over at the beginning of the previous year! I’ll admit I was a bit at a loss about what to do,” she writes.

Smartick compared to other online math programs

“This is not our first foray into online education. We have tried a couple other programs and the first difference that I noticed was at the diagnostic level. The diagnostics of the other programs made her feel inadequate. Smartick, from the very first session, made it fun. I was over the moon excited. She was accomplishing goals, earning ticks, and able to explore as soon as we began.”

What Sophea loves the most about Smartick math:

“Sophea has been learning with the Smartick method now since September and she is ready to work on it daily.  She can’t wait to show me what she has l learned and the prizes she has earned. There are also new features and prizes all the time.  The Halloween costumes and background have been my favorites. ”

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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