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Smartick is a fun way to learn math!


“Honestly, I’d Struggle If I Didn’t Have Smartick”

At Smartick, we want children to master the math foundations. We know that math is a critical skill and can be the key for a brighter future. However, we also place value in abilities that go beyond automated calculation. For this reason, we want to help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, healthy study habits, improve concentration, and build their confidence.

We want children to be well-rounded, using their strong math foundations to help them solve complex problems both in and out of the classroom or home learning space. This is our goal. New families may struggle to understand our mission and grasp our values from the start. More often than not, parents are aligned with our mission but hesitate to believe that we’ll follow through.

Let’s be transparent: Smartick isn’t magic or a short-cut to pass exams and get stellar grades fast. It takes effort and patience from families and may be an initial struggle. But with consistent practice, children can implement math into their daily routine where they can fill in learning gaps and advance beyond the content they are working on at school. Children can build grit, enhance their concentration, and develop lifelong skills which they’ll thank you for in the future.

What does a mom have to say about it?

Yasmin Muleso and her children Louisa and Raymond are testaments to the benefits of daily math practice. The Muleso’s are native to Malawi and currently living in South Africa. Louisa and Raymond have completed over 300 sessions each, working hard even during summer break! Just like eating breakfast in the morning, or brushing their teeth, the Muleso children have incorporated their sessions into their routine, and gaining so much more than mastering their multiplications.

Yasmin shares her family’s Smartick experience and reveals what has changed with her children.

Spoiler: it’s not just math!


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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
Diane Ackerman
Smartick is a fun way to learn math
  • 15 fun minutes a day
  • Adapts to your child’s level
  • Millions of students since 2009
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