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“Even Scottish Warrior Princesses Need to Practice Math”

Practice Math

Scottish Warrior Princess vs. Math

“Even Scottish warrior princesses need to practice math”, Smartick mom Debra states as she refers to her spunky 7-year old-daughter in her blog. Her daughter was always a good and well-rounded student. However, third grade proved to be a difficult transition, particularly when she started to struggle with math. When multiplication and division were thrown into the mix, homework became an emotional and frustrating battle.

Debra tried everything, from flash cards to creative math games in the pool, but she found it taxing to keep up with it all. She then came across Smartick and was excited to try it for her daughter.

An encounter with her daughter’s school teacher made Debra realize the change in her 7 year old’s attitude towards math and the benefits of Smartick. The 15-minute sessions allows her daughter to work on her concentration skills and giving her maximum effort during each exercise. It avoids burnout and keeps her motivated to work on the sessions consistently. Apart from the short sessions where Debra’s daughter is working hard to build her math foundations, she is also gaining math confidence and developing a positive work ethic. Debra’s excited to keep up with Smartick, especially during the holidays and preventing the summer slide this year!

Although the summer may seem ages away, we know it will sneak up on us soon. Prevent any summer learning loss this year with Smartick! Start your free trial today and use the summer to help your child get ahead next school year!

Practice Math
Smartick´s very own Scottish warrior princess practicing her math!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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