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“Mama, Can I Do Math Now?”

do math
A #SmartickSmile caught in action.

Changing Attitudes and Mindsets

When Cassidy’s daughter sets her mind on something, there’s no stopping her, even when it comes to doing math. This can be great when she decides to master a particular skill. However, Cassidy explains on her blog Freshly Planted, some challenges of this mentality, as it became nearly impossible to change her daughter’s mind about certain things. 

I’m no good at this.

I should just stop trying.

Nothing’s going to help.

These are all phrases that came up when she did not grasp a concept easily or quickly. This became evident when she decided that she was bad at math and her rigid mindset did not help. She did not want to do math. Cassidy grew concerned about her daughter’s negative outlook on the subject knowing that these skills are important for her future. She was adamant to help reverse her daughter’s negative math attitude. For this reason, she was excited to try Smartick.

Promising changes

The short 15-minute sessions proved promising. Cassidy’s daughter was able to work through her sessions at maximum concentration. She challenged herself to do her best every session without the pressures of being restricted to her age or grade. In fact, she progressed at a pace she determined and felt comfortable.

So when her daughter asked, “Mama, can I do math now?” Cassidy was stunned. Her daughter who initially decided she was bad at math, had a change of heart as her confidence grew with Smartick.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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