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Making Smartick a Part of Your Kid’s Daily Routine

Daily Routine

We were excited when Nileena Mooss from Candid Homemaking decided to start using Smartick as a method of simplifying her family routines.

She is a full-time mommy to two beautiful kids, is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, and blogs her candid moments about management, home organizational skills, and following family routines that help simplify her life.

Daily Routine: 15 Minutes of Math to Start the Day

She has incorporated Smartick into her son’s daily routine. Every day after breakfast he completes his daily 15-minute session as she says, “that is the time when his mind is the freshest.”

Her 5-year-old initially had trouble getting used to using the mouse on the computer but was able to learn quickly. She is happy about the fact that this also helped him develop his cognitive and technical skills.

“Overall, he is excited to do his daily sessions”, she says, and it makes him extremely happy when he receives stars every time he answers a question correctly.

Smartick’s short daily sessions at maximum concentration help create a study habit and routine. It avoids burnout and keeps children motivated and coming back for more. Students work on mental calculation and algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Smartick includes logic exercises that help children improve both in logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

daily routine

Her 5-year-olds favorite part is the Virtual World! Gamification elements keep him engaged and improve concentration levels. All games in Smartick are scientifically designed to reinforce cognitive skills: perception, attention, memory, and logical reasoning.

As a parent, she loves the fact that she’s able to monitor her son’s performance from the parent’s dashboard, which can even be accessed on a mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Nileena also enjoys the email notifications with a summary of the daily session.

Want to give your child a head start in math? Try Smartick for free.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
Diane Ackerman
Smartick is a fun way to learn math
  • 15 fun minutes a day
  • Adapts to your child’s level
  • Millions of students since 2009
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  • SequoiaJul 26 2018, 9:14 PM

    Short, sweet, to the point, exactly as information should be!

    • Madhumita DasNov 06 2018, 2:06 PM

      Thank you Sequoia. 🙂 So, was I able to convince you to try Smartick yet?