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Smartick, South Africa, and a Common Thread 

Smartick visits South Africa

I had the chance to travel with Smartick Co-founder Javier Arroyo to Johannesburg, South Africa in April. During our time there, we had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful Smartick families. Today, I want to introduce you to Aasiyah. She is a Smartick mom of 9-year-old Dhilwan living in South Africa. He has been working on the program for just over a year and has 327 sessions under his belt.

Why did Aasiyah decide to continue with the program? Has she seen an improvement in Dhilwan’s math skills? What exactly does Aasiyah find interesting and ultimately love about Smartick?

Would you agree with Aasiyah? Does her story and experience ring true to yours? Similarly, it might just sound familiar. Smartick students come from all over the world, with each family hosting their own story. Smartick’s ability to adapt to each child’s math skills and learning pace allows for individual growth. Above all, whether your Smartick narrative is different, the common thread that you might find is the growth and positiveness surrounding each experience.

South Africa

Aasiyah, Dhilwan, and Katrina in Johannesburg, South Africa!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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