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Smartick at BETT 2019 – the Largest Education Fair in the World


For years we have debated whether or not to go to BETT, the largest education technology fair on the planet, and finally, in January 2019, Smartick will be in London but maybe not for the reasons that everyone thinks.

We are not people who think that education needs a revolution or that technology is the solution to everything and here’s why.

Why is Smartick at BETT 2019?

We encourage limited and intelligent use of screen time

It is becoming more and more clear that excessive screen time is harmful to children and the time has come for quality screen time. We believe it is our duty to provide parents and schools with the certainty that a maximum of 20 minutes a day of mathematics at their level is beneficial.

Attention is the new intellectual quotient

With children and adults becoming increasingly distracted by multiple channels and social networks, getting children to stay focused is the great challenge of education.  Barbara Oakley, one of the greatest experts in teaching learning how to learn, recommends using the Pomodoro Technique to concentrate. In reality, Smartick has already incorporated the concept with a 15 minute daily sessions in which the children can be fully concentrated.

We don’t want to make education a game

At Smartick we believe that the time has come to make it clear that not everything in education can be a game. We know that there are products that pretend to teach mathematics through playing but our pedagogical team is in favor of making the daily mathematics sessions more attractive and effective through the use of technology. Of course, Smartick is not a workbook of exercises, it is more appealing, abundant, gives immediate feedback, and adapts to the student within the same session – because learning mathematics is not a game.


We continue to use gamification during the daily sessions to motivate children more, this way it brings us closer to the true objective: that their motivation is intrinsic. By seeing how they improve in mathematics they feel more secure and reach the perfect mindset to continue progressing.

We are the best ”digital curators” of mathematics

We are aware that there are millions of free resources on the internet, but studying them, choosing them, and using them with children is very time-consuming in addition to the fact that there is no guarantee that they will be personalized or adapted to the level of each child. Behind Smartick there is a highly specialized team that studies, tests, and filters through various methodologies of mathematics. In our tree of contents, there are exercises using the best of Montessori, Singapore, and many other approaches and we don’t stop improving, but instead, enrich the method with an update every six weeks.

Perfect personalization

After an entry test, the Smartick algorithm places each child at the threshold to their maximum competency. Depending on how they do in each session, they will be given exercises adapted to their level. This makes us a method that works very well for both children that progress faster than others, as well as those that need reinforcement.

We encourage the best habits from traditional education

At Smartick we believe that today’s children also need a certain dose of overcoming frustration, in order to know that effort and habit are necessary to learn. Our 15-minute daily online sessions with immediate feedback do just that.

Convenience for parents

We know how complicated the lives of families today are, with different schedules and the stress of bringing children to various extracurricular activities. Since parents don’t have to bring them to any center or correct their workbooks we prefer that during the 15 minutes they leave their children by themselves to learn mathematics in a productive way.

We don’t follow a curriculum

Smartick does not follow any type of education system, we teach mathematics as a universal language, the way science is. In addition, we enrich the method with sessions on logic and programming. That makes us a perfect alternative to enrich rather than interfere with school programs because we help to improve students mathematical abilities and study habits.

Reading comprehension

At Smartick we give great importance to problem-solving and careful reading of problems. At the end of each session, children have to solve word problems that can be longer than regular exercises. Their accurate comprehension requires concentration and as a result, parents who have used our platform tell us how they have noticed their child’s reading comprehension has also improved.

Human factor

We are passionate defenders of Artifical Intelligence to personalize the mathematical learning experience, but we also know that there are parents that value the team behind Smartick. A group that effectively and lovingly attends to the doubts and suggestions of our enormous Smartick family around the world.


We would be happy to chat with you at BETT 2019 at stand D320.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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