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Is Learning Math in Another Language Beneficial?

Smartick is available in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese and at the beginning of the session, you can pick from any of these three languages. If your native language is English, you can complete your sessions in another language and achieve two things at once: practice math and another language.

If you decide to do it, keep in mind that the level of mathematics and the other language should go hand in hand. This way you can understand the exercises and interactive tutorials correctly as you progress through the different levels.


Math in another language.

Benefits of Learning Math in Another Language

  • When we do math exercises we are subjecting our brain to new challenges, and when we do it in another language, we are increasing our cognitive flexibility. This allows us to train our memory, response speed, and simplification ability.
  • Children have an incredible ability to absorb information, and because of this, they have the ability to learn new words at a great speed. If we join the learning of mathematics with another language,  we will have the ability to develop our linguistic diversity, imagine how many new words you could learn daily! We will also be able to associate these terms in our daily lives and seek new ways of expressing ourselves.
  • Similarly, we can develop our reading and oral comprehension through short statements with recordings (for the younger children), more complex math problems (for the older ones), and tutorials (for all levels). Not only do we develop our listening and reading ability, but also creativity, problem-solving, and even written production.
  • Through learning mathematics in another language, they form the ability to make more precise decisions. In this way, we pay more attention to what we hear or read and we motivate ourselves to think in a different way. Additionally, we learn more about other cultures and the differences that exist between different education systems, such as decimal separators.

So if you have a sufficient level of English, challenge yourself and improve your abilities with Smartick in another language. When you least expect it you will see that you can think and solve problems in another language.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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