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We care about our students’ opinions and their experiences with Smartick. Today, we’re introducing you to Elise, mother of a Smartick student (also named Elise).

How did you find out about Smartick?

Through a press article. I had already removed my daughter from paper-based programme, because it was a horrible struggle. I made the decision when we went on vacation with my mother for a few days. She told me that it was boring and that my daughter would end up hating math.

For me, Smartick has been wonderful just for the change in Elise’s attitude towards mathematics. My (misplaced) support for the offline programme was based on the belief in improving mental calculation through the process of working every day, developing a study routine, and demonstrating its importance; but I found it an inflexible and boring method. By contrast, everything has been much easier with Smartick; it has proved to be a friendly, intuitive, fun application… I don’t know how to describe it, but kids learn naturally as the computer guides them. She likes Smartick, although there are some days when she wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t watching her, she is comfortable doing it.

How was your own relationship with math?

I love it, but my strength is in the humanities. I had really good teachers. I had a good handle on math, but it was physics that prevented me from studying the sciences. I don’t want my daughter to become frustrated by math because her future could be hampered by her relationship with it, and I don’t want that for her. I want her to have a choice, but I don’t want her to choose on the grounds that she is bad with numbers. That’s why I removed her from the paper-based programme, because she was bored and intimidated by math.

What does she like most about the Smartick sessions?

She loves the word problems and the logic sessions more than anything. They look like puzzles. Also, the platform looks friendly. The other day she was doing equations without realizing it because the unknown was a duck.

Does your child need to improve her math skills?

No, she’s a good student. She also devours books – she loves to read. But I noticed that Smartick has given her more speed and ability. Confidence too, of course.

Does it worry you that it’s a technology-based solution, meaning she is spending more time on the computer?

This generation was born with technology. But we control the computer. She uses it in a common space, and I can see what she is doing and what she is playing. She is blocked from accessing social networks. Trying to limit a kid’s computer usage too much is pointless because it’s a tool that they’ll have to use in their daily lives.

How long have you been using Smartick?

One year. She’s about to go to Canada for three months, and we told her she could stop using it. But she told us that she wants to carry on. We were impressed.

Do your friends understand why you place so much importance on math?

Many think we’re Martians because we make that extra effort, but it doesn’t take anything out of our normal routine. She does her session just before she showers. She’s a very responsible girl. She even does it on the weekends.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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