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The Challenges of Moving: Poor Grades to Principal’s Honor Roll


Challenges of Moving: Venezuela to Florida

Education is not one-size-fits-all. At Smartick, we are aware that not every student has the same level, abilities, or learning pace. We know these differences ring true all over the world. Particularly, moving to a new country can initially be challenging when it comes to adjusting to a new school, whether it’s because of the national standards, class curriculum, teaching differences, or nerves–it’s not easy!

Antonio Ojeda and his family moved from Venezuela to Florida and saw many changes. Particularly, he noticed that his daughter, Antonella, was struggling in school. However, after making some adjustments to her after-school routine, (in other words: working with Smartick!). Antonella earned a spot on the Principal’s List, an honor for students who earn straight A grades!

Way to go, Antonella! 💪

Why were you interested in a math program for Antonella?

My daughter was struggling with the transition from the Venezuelan school system to the teaching program in the US. Specifically in math. I needed a tutoring tool to boost her confidence in her abilities and help her to adapt.

Why did you choose Smartick as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?

I liked the way that Smartick goes around the learning experience, my daughter really loves her little avatar. She is encouraged by the reward system in the application and the way she can customize and make the learning system her own.

Smartick Family Insights

What does Antonella enjoy most about Smartick?

I asked her and she told me that the way she can buy clothing and pets using her rewards. She is really loving her new unicorn.

As a parent, what do like and value about Smartick?

I value the performance reviews that I can access every day, and it lets me analyze my daughter’s improvements. I also like how Smartick members like Carmela, reach out to find out how can they better customize the system so my daughter can keep taking advantage of it. In addition, I like that they added the coding lessons.

How do you motivate Antonella to complete her daily sessions? Do you/does she have a particular routine? When does she work on her sessions?

I have helped her make Smartick part of her daily school work routine. She usually completes her Smartick before going to sleep. I also congratulate her when she does well on a particular day and let her know how proud I am of her.

From D Grades to Principal’s Honor Roll

Have you seen any changes in Antonella’s math skills, school grades, or attitude towards the subject?

Yes! My daughter went from D’s in her first evaluation to all A’s. Antonella received a medal for her grades and entered into the principal’s honor roll. Furthermore, she has learned to love math. I am pretty sure Smartick played a role into that.

Has there been a difference in other aspects of Antonella’s life while working with Smartick (e.g. study habits, concentration, sense of responsibility)?

Antonella is a pretty responsible little girl, however I appreciate how she concentrates when she is completing her Smartick and her school work. I have let her know the responsibility she has on taking advantage of the investment the family is making into her studies

Do you have any comments or suggestions to help improve the program? 

Right now the program is quite complete. I haven’t had any issue and Carmela is quick to address any concern or adjustment that I have requested.

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