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Favorite sushi restaurants in the neighborhood? Any recommendations for non-fiction book?  What is this online math program all about? In this day and age of online reviews, whether it’s for restaurants, books, and educational programs, many turn to the comments and experiences of others to help them make an informed decision. I know many Smartick families do their research on the program before taking the leap with us–and we completely understand! Reviews and feedback can be the deciding factor. Thankfully, many families have positive things to say about their experience with the program. Dinakaran and her daughter, Sahana, discovered Smartick through online reviews and feedback. After nearly a year with the program, she’s excited to return the favor and help those of you have a better understanding of her experience with Smartick!

Easy decision

Why did you choose Smartick as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?

We are based out of a smaller city, where we had very limited options with respect to traditional programs. Based on the feedback and reviews we found in the internet, Smartick was the best among the options.

What does Sahana like about Smartick?

It’s not too lengthy. It is just 15 minutes, which is what makes it interesting and motivates her to work on it every day. Also, there are multiple questions on the same topic, so just in case, if she gets one wrong, there is opportunity for her to learn from it and get her answers correct in the next try.

As a parent, what do you value about Smartick?

As a parent, I value the dynamic way Smartick is educating kids through dynamic sessions, which is is simply awesome. I don’t see the extra math as a burden at all on my daughter’s side. Instead, Sahana is interested in working on her sessions and learn new things along the way.

What are some ways you help motivate your daughter to complete her daily sessions? Do you have a particular routine?

Yes, Sahana usually does it in the evening. She is mostly interested to do on her own, but we do motivate her sometimes by giving some chocolates of her choice, if she completes the session.

Have you seen any changes in Sahana’s math skills/grades or attitude towards the subject?

Yes, certainly I can see the progress and her interest to learn new things, rather than as a burden.

Do you think working on extra math outside of school is important? If so, why?

Yes, working on math outside of school certainly helps. It allows children to learn and think of different ways to solve a problem, rather than sticking to one particular way, which are often taught in the schools.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
  • 15 fun minutes a day
  • Adapts to your child’s level
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