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“With Smartick I’ve seen a great difference in my son’s attitude”


Here’s a quick interview from one of our Smartick families in Switzerland! Learn what Tatjana, Smartick mom, thinks about the method, the changes she has seen in her son’s attitude, and how she initially heard about the program.

What does a mom have to say about Smartick?

Why did you choose Smartick as opposed to working on other online or traditional programs?
Smartick was recommended to us by a friend whose opinion we trust. During Tymours trial, we found it to be a really interesting and appealing program.

What does your son like most about Smartick?
He says he likes everything about it!!! 🙂 He couldn’t specify exactly 😉

As a parent, what do you like most about Smartick?
As a parent, I like receiving the daily report to stay up to date with Tymour’s progress. In addition, I’m a big fan of the challenging tasks proposed to Tymour and the way it is designed interestingly for kids.

What are some ways you help motivate Tymour to work on Smartick? Do you have a particular routine to work on Smartick?
We do not have a particular routine – just reminding him every day that he has to work on Smartick at any time of the day. However, most of the time he remembers doing it.

Have you seen any changes in your son’s math grades or attitude towards the subject?
My son Tymour says yes, math has always been his relatively strong subject.

Has there been a difference in other aspects of Tymour’s life? E.g. study habits, concentration, responsibility, reading comprehension, etc.?
Yes, with Smartick I’ve seen a great difference in Tymour’s attitude. It seems like he is growing strong in the subject and getting more serious about studying and his habits.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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