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Stick to Routines This 2019!


February is around the corner and we wonder how your New Year’s resolutions are coming along. January has come and gone and many of us are off to a great start this 2019! If you haven’t got into the groove yet,  we want to present the Rood Family to help encourage you to stick with your healthy routines and new goals! Smartick students James and Sarah have over 300 sessions under their belts. We hope they can serve as motivation to get started with routines–it’s never too late!

Stick to It!

Smartick can be fun, but we know it also takes dedication! The daily sessions may initially take effort to incorporate into your routines, but once you do, it’s smooth sailing from there. The benefits are worth it. Take it from the Rood children, they are no strangers to the program. Sarah and James have been working diligently on their sessions for over a year and their efforts are not going unnoticed. With a stronger math foundation, self-confidence, and better grades, they are off to a great start this 2019!

How did you hear about Smartick?

I heard about Smartick while browsing for math programs in the App Store.

Why did you decide to continue with Smartick after the trial?

We decided to keep up with Smartick after the trial because the lesson content is relevant to my children’s level and even our country syllabus. I like that the child-centered design of the program. We find it better than any other programs out there.

Do your children have a specific routine to work on Smartick?

We work on Smartick after homework is completed.

Do you think Smartick has been beneficial for Sarah and James?

Yes, Sarah and James’ school math marks have improved!

What do your children like most about Smartick?

They like the Virtual World and the ticks reward system! My daughter also looks forward to working on the coding sessions.

What do you as a parent like most about Smartick?

As a parent, I like that the sessions can be done at home when it best suits us and consist of daily sessions. The sessions do not need my input so I have a peace of mind. The pricing of the package is a real value for money. Also, I think the personal communication from the Smartick Team is reassuring. It’s great to know that I can communicate with someone if I have a problem. The ongoing and continuous development of the site and lessons are great improvements.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
  • 15 fun minutes a day
  • Adapts to your child’s level
  • Millions of students since 2009
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