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Recent Smartick Review: My Little Poppies

Recent Smartick Review:


Cait is a school psychologist, writer, and homeschooling mom to three amazing children. She is also the blogger behind My Little Poppies, and the co-host of the show The Homeschool Sisters Podcast. Does this name ring a bell? … This mommy blogger and her family have been using and raving about Smartick for the past few months!

In her recent blog post, Cait explains in detail what her family enjoys and likes most about Smartick. At the end, she even includes short videos where her children describe their favorite parts as well! So cute!


Cait has repeatedly referred to Smartick as math dessert because her kiddies cannot get enough of this program! In this post, Cait goes through the Smartick Method and describes what she and her family have liked the most!

“Smartick is more than just a math dessert…. Smartick is also a source of connection”

smartick review

smartick review

In this adorable photo, Cait’s two sons are practicing math on vacation! It is amazing to see these brothers learn together and have fun with Smartick!

“I love that Smartick is individualized to each child and that it is fun and engaging. It is rare that we miss a session because my children wake up asking to play.”

smartick review

Cait’s children also note how much they love and care for their avatars that they can purchase objects for as they earn ticks. This Virtual World has many games that improve children’s ability to: maximize attention and concentration, create routines, foster positive study habits, and avoid boredom and burnout, as noted by Cait.

More about the Virtual World:

“New areas of the Virtual World are unlocked as children progress through Smartick lessons. My children are delighted when they log on to discover a new element of the Virtual World, game, or tutorial. Smartick continues to be fresh and exciting for them, even after several months of daily play.”

Currently, her kids’ favorite game is Bubble Pop!

smartick review

Thank you so much for sharing your families experience with the Smartick method, Cait!

Sign up today and give Smartick a try with your family! And see how Smartick can help your children improve their math skills!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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