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Differences between IXL and Smartick


As parents often ask, we have outlined some Smartick features and compared them with IXL Math. We would like to help families make an informed decision when selecting an online math program. We want to guide them through what we believe is important and what they should look for.

1. Personalized experience

No two students are alike. So make sure your kids are getting an individualized experience. Smartick’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology gives each child the exact “math nutrients” they need to grow and advance with confidence. Regardless of the student’s age or level, Smartick adapts to their math needs and learning pace in real time. There are never preloaded set of exercises on Smartick. Our program creates a unique learning experience for your child.

2. Is there a methodology behind Smartick?

In an ideal world, all children would think math is fun, but more often than not, we find kids dragging their feet when it comes to math practice. That’s why parents need to ensure their kids are enjoying their practice and not overdoing it. Smartick’s methodology, guides children in an intelligent manner, proposing the exercises they need and continuously adapting to their progress. Smartick’s short and highly focused sessions (15 minutes a day) encourage maximum concentration and avoid burnout. They help develop a positive attitude towards math. Children keep coming back for more and look forward to working on math the next day. The fact they know sessions last 15 minutes helps create study habit and a daily routine. In other programs, kids work on their math for as long as they want, and while that may work for some, it is easy to experience burnout.

3. Encourage independent learning

Preparing your kids for the future means they must gain problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while learning how to overcome challenges by themselves. Smartick empowers students to find the solutions to the problems independently. Furthermore, since the sessions are student-tailored in real time, and according to your child’s knowledge, Smartick does not require parent or teacher intervention to decide what areas students should work on. The program identifies and provides your kids with what they need, whether it is filling the gaps or going beyond what they are taught in school. Other online programs require adult supervision to decide what units the student should work on.

4. Let go of limitations

Children shouldn’t be limited by their age or school grade. Some kids may need to fill in some learning gaps, while others may be ready to advance faster than in school. Smartick does not teach to a test. A diverse team of educators is constantly selecting the best math methodologies to help your child unlock their full potential. While other online programs feel designed to tend to classroom needs, Smartick challenges your child beyond the classroom and pushes them to their maximum capacity.

5. Cognitive skills training through games

Studies show that children’s academic performance can be maximized if you add cognitive training to the learning mix. Areas such as attention, memory, and concentration can be trained online. Unlike other online programs, Smartick and its groundbreaking research in this field (supported by the European Union) offer a world of possibilities for your child. They practice their math skills while developing and training their cognitive skills through scientifically designed games. The diversity of the games provides an engaging element that captivates children to continue.

6. Interactive Tutorials

Smartick offers user-friendly and engaging tutorials when a new concept is introduced. They are interactive and encourage children to participate as they are prompted to follow the different steps. Students can work on the tutorials as often as they want. This dynamic feature is not available in other programs.

7. Be informed

Similar to other programs, Smartick offers a detailed dashboard for parents to keep track of their children’s progress and achievements. Smartick wants to make things even friendlier for parents by providing an email summarizing your child’s session. In addition to the parent dashboard and emails, they are invited to call Smartick’s team of educators, who would gladly review your child’s session if you have questions or concerns and make appropriate adjustments to keep your children challenged and motivated.

Do you think Smartick can be a good fit for your family? If so, we would love to hear from you. Sign up for our free trial and enjoy full access to the program.

Smartick vs IXL

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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