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Life Skills Matter: Money Math for Children

Math has unlimited applications for everyday situations, and it’s important children understand those applications. Whether they’re following a recipe, decorating their bedroom, or saving money to buy that very special toy, math skills are required. Shawna, from Not the former things, is well aware of this, which is why she decided to include Smartick in her boys’ summer routines.

“For money math, I’m using the same general book and curriculum that I used in my college math for life class with some accommodations for more hands-on activities (like reading graphs, making a budget and shopping). I have also added an online program that encourages strategic thinking, reasoning skills and recognizing patterns”.

Smartick was actually a fun way to introduce her kids to math during the summer. She was looking for learning activities that didn’t feel like school work, and our math program fit perfectly.

“Math games, based on logic and reasoning, in a format that feels like a video game? It seemed right up both my boys’ alley. And I wasn’t wrong.

They both asked to include Smartick in our summer learning program. (I think it’s hilarious that they both started out saying no math over the summer, but then chose to include Smartick on our list.)” – writes Shawna in this post.

money math

And that’s how it normally goes with Smartick. Children genuinely enjoy working on their math session and playing the scientifically designed games afterward. Our practice sessions are short, lasting about 15 minutes, so children keep coming back for more, day after day, and rarely experience burnout.

11,000 students worldwide are already enjoying math with our learning method. They are practicing math, learning about money, and gaining reasoning skills that are crucial to daily life. Your family can now enjoy Smartick free of charge. Click here to learn more!

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Conchi has spent the last decade working in the children's digital space and following closely all the latest trends in educational apps. On the weekends, she loves exploring Boston with her three-year-old daughter and taking pictures of their time together.
Conchi Ruiz Cabello

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