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Commit, Take the Leap, and Learn with Smartick

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Commit to Learning

Why is consistency such an important element in Smartick? To commit to something and hold ourselves accountable is part of the learning process. This rings true for all academic disciplines: math, sciences, humanities, and arts. Learning to play the piano requires practice, so does picking up a new language, and of course, so does learning math. Practicing once a month, let alone once a week, won’t have much of an impact. Instead, it is the consistent practice that allows us to remember and internalize the processes necessary for learning the E major scale, the Spanish subjunctive rules, or our multiplication tables.

Cramming 3 hours of studying into the night before an algebra test is very different from scheduled studying by reviewing the concepts and practicing the exercises for 30 minutes over the course of the week. Sure, you can pass an exam by cramming, however, more often than not, students are simply regurgitating information back as opposed to really understanding the concepts.

Finding the Groove

Working on Smartick consistently allows students to gradually learn math, by filling in any learning gaps and helping them to excel in the subject. Colleen, the author of Raising Lifelong learners, understands the importance of regularity.  She finds that her kids love the program, but like all families, incorporating homework, extracurricular activities, and chores after school can be challenging. We understand that accomplishing everything on our to-do list is not easy.

Luckily, one of Smartick’s highlights is the short 15-minute sessions. You can implement sessions in the morning, right after breakfast and before heading off to school. This way, your kids are fresh and ready to tackle their day on a strong note. Some kids (and adults) may not be ¨morning¨people and find the bright and early sessions a bit hectic. If this is the case, we can recommend completing sessions after school, as soon as children arrive home but before working on their school assignments. Smartick before homework? The short sessions can serve as a great warm-up to get into the focused mindset for their homework.

Take the leap and commit. Just a heads up: it’s not a piece of cake. However, with commitment and some trial and error, you’ll find the groove and discover all of the benefits. The extra math they put in each day will only help your children down the road. Maybe they won’t become mathematicians when they grow up, but they’ll have strong math skills. (Who doesn’t want that?) On top of it all, they’ll become grittier and develop positive habits that translate both in and out of the classroom. We like those odds.

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1 Comment;

  • Nigel YeungAug 17 2018, 9:16 PM

    Just started with this yesterday. The 6 year old is quite enthusiastic!

    The critical bit is to let the child make his own mistakes – so the AI can kick in and set the right level. So must not over supervise!

    I would like handwriting recognition. So that boys write their numbers clearly so a tester can find it legible.