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Mathematics, the Same as Sports

One of the most shocking things for teachers is everything that parents tolerate for sports but don’t when it comes to academics. While we sometimes complain about the amount of homework (and sometimes rightfully so, if in addition to the amount they are not well thought out), we don’t hesitate to take the afternoon to practice sports.

Sports can be used to explain the academic development of children to their parents. That’s why we were excited to find a poster on the internet, that is hung in schools around the United States, comparing sports and academics.

Both good athletes and students who truly want to learn…

Train a little bit every day

Does not commit a day to training that will leave them exhausted. The same goes for a good student, who already knows in September, how to go about the course and what their routines are. These children know that habits are important and even though they may take some effort in the beginning, they become routine. It is what millions of student do every day with Smartick.

Do not start preparing for a test the day before

The same is true for a good student. After they have been studying for the whole year, they can relax the night before an exam.

Analyze what they do

Where they can improve, and what their weaknesses are. Watch videos of themselves. A good student does the same with quizzes and exams. They know where they fall short and where to work harder. At Smartick, with the help of our algorithm and immediate feedback, we help students to see what they need to work on and then we propose specific exercises and tutorials until they master the concept. It’s what Angela Duckworth calls deliberate practice – when you know exactly what it is you need to practice.

Think about what their coaches and teachers say and pay attention

The same is true for a good student that is learning and listening to their teacher’s instructions.

Challenge themselves regularly

Because they need to know if they can run more and if they can be stronger. A good student is also aware of their mental form and how it is conveyed. And those who do Smartick, even more, thanks to their daily personalized lesson.

Know how to practice until they master a new and necessary skill

A student, when they learn a new topic, will also come to master it once they are convinced of its significance.

Know what they have to do to stay in shape

A good student knows that they need to take care of their brain.

Will never be preoccupied by a mobile phone when training

Neither would a good student.

Know that to perform well they need sleep to recover and accumulate energy

A good student knows that they need hours of sleep to consolidate memory and to help the executive functions of their brain perform to their fullest potential.

Know that it takes time and effort to overcome some difficulties and achieve their goals

Exactly like a good student.

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