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The Importance of Repetition in Learning

repetition in learning
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Now we don’t realize, but when we learned to drive we had all 5 senses ready in each action: selecting the right gear, playing with the clutch and accelerating, or remembering to look in our rearview mirror. There comes a day when, without realizing it, we do all of these with confidence and agility, while listening to music and even singing or talking to our copilot. Something similar occurs with mathematics: it is important to learn from a young age to have confidence and fluency with numbers and problems. The Smartick method consists precisely of the repetition in learning math word problems, logic, coding and arithmetic operations until the student has successfully completed that level and can move on to more complex tasks. If (and only if) they master what is proposed can they move on to the more complex levels. Therefore, it is to learn to solve problems quickly and correctly.

Why is repetition in learning important?

5 main reasons that repetition is important in learning

For a real-life commitment

We believe that Primary Education has to form to real life, in which time is a variable to be taken into account. Solving problems quickly, or in the time allocated is vitally important.

To save energy

Fundamentally, Smartick is mathematics for Primary Education.  Taking skill and speed in problems and simple operations will allow children to progress faster to the secondary level, paying attention to the new while having well-established bases.

Because we don’t want them to memorize, but rather have significant learning

They apply what they know. That is why, in addition to calculation, in each session, there are fluency problems to be solved that involve reading comprehension and real-life situations.

Because we want to increase their confidence in mathematics

The things that we do today with assurance, we have done many (many) times before. Which is why repetition is fundamental to mathematical competence.

Because it creates thinking routines and mental structures

Problems always have a way to be solved. This strengthens the way in which a student will face math problems in the future, with order and resolution criteria.

If your child’s school year begins now or you want to encourage them to continue learning at their own pace, register now and try it for free.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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